Rappels et Harmonisation en programmation C et Assembleur

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    In brief

  • Code : N9EN24C


Reminders about :

    C language, pointers, structures. Deepening of advanced concepts such as memory sections, etc.
    Inline assembler


The objective of this course is to bring all students up to speed on the main concepts of concepts of programming. Low-level oriented languages will be privileged because they are the ones that will be the analysis of security problems. The languages covered will therefore be the C and assembly language, in particular on x86 architecture.
At the end of this course, the student will master the basic techniques of programming with C and assembler. He will be able to design programs using these techniques. He will be able to to analyze precisely a program written with these languages to understand its functioning. He/she will be also be able to understand the functioning of programs written in different languages.




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