Critical System Case Study

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    In brief

  • Number of hours : 10h of practical classes
  • Teaching language : French (interaction with students in English possible)
  • Teaching method : En présence
  • Code : NEGC10E


The objectives of this project / case study is to implement several fault tolerance techniques presented in the course "Dependable Computing". Fault injection experiments are carried out to validate the mechanisms implemented.


A software service S acquires measurements using a set of sensors and computes a value on a sliding window of n numerical values.

An FMEA shows that this service S can lead to a catastrophic failure of the system in which it is used, in case of value error  or absence of output value. This service S must therefore guarantee dependability properties, in the presence of permanent faults and transient faults.  

The hardware architecture of the computer running this software a simulated bi-processor with stable storage on disk. Each processor also has its own local memory.  

Each group of students must implement this service, develop mechanisms first to tolerate cash faults  (duplex replication technique) and, secondly, accidental transient value faults (temporal redundancy technique). Tests by fault injection must be used to validate the various mechanisms.

Targeted skills

- Implementation of fault tolerance replication techniques and temporal redundancy.

- Characterisation by fault injection (Software-Implemented Fault Injection - SWIFI) to simulate both crash and value faults.

- Multithreaded and distributed implementation on a network of Linux machines.


Handouts and bibliography of the course "Dependable Computing.


Algorithmics, C/C++ programming, real-time operating systems, dependable computing


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