Impacts industriels et développement durable

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    In brief

  • Number of hours : 17,5
  • Code : N1MD04B


Identify the origins of environmental impacts, particularly those of origin and understand what the consequences are in order to define the best strategy and industrial development policy. The aim is to reduce their impact as much as possible while avoiding the problem of degrowth.


After an introduction to the different issues, students will work on themes related to industrial and agricultural pollution to animate a debate with speakers external specialists in the fields presented.


Example of topics covered :
- Return of urban sludge to the ground: under what conditions?
- Reuse (reuse of wastewater for agronomic, industrial purposes...): what are the risks?
for health and the environment?
- Long-term sustainability of bio-based products: impact for the environment
- Green energy vs. fossil fuels, what is the carbon footprint?




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