Intrusion système et éseaux

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    In brief

  • Code : N9EN29B


Learning of the following aspects :

    Network challenge
    Forensics analysis


First, the course will present an overview of the attacks that exploit the technologies used for web design and provide elements to protect these systems. The course will continue by introducing students to the risks they will face and making them realize that the behavior of legitimate users can be exploited by attackers to target systems.

Then, the student will be confronted with several challenges, which will allow him to concretely put himself in the shoes of an attacker and to exploit vulnerabilities of different natures: 1) a first challenge illustrating the techniques of intrusion in a network; 2) a second challenge centered on the implementation of the techniques of intrusions and elevation of privileges on a computer system; and 3) a course/TP dealing with the reaction in case of incident with a practical application of techniques of numerical investigation on a system, after an intrusion

At the end of this course, the student will be able to list and quantify the vulnerabilities inherent in system and network architectures and will be aware of the main intrusion techniques




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