Attaques et Sécurisation des couches OSI

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    In brief

  • Code : N9EN27A


Learning of the following aspects :

    Layer 1-5 (Principle, Attacks, Defense)
    Layer 7 (illustration with DNS and BGP)
    Denial of service
        botnets and distributed Denial of Service


This course presents the main attacks and countermeasures on the OSI layers, starting with attacks on the physical link and moving on to application attacks on the protocols that are essential to the proper functioning of a network. At the end of this course the student will be able to:

    Recognize and implement the classic network attacks in the context of an intrusion test
    Identify and implement protection mechanisms against these attacks
    Inform about the dangers inherent to a computer network and know the limits of the protections that can be obtained at a reasonable cost
    To inform on the contributions of the great infrastructures of security DNS, and BGP set up by the ICANN

Use and implement these infrastructures.




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