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    In brief

  • Number of hours : 15 slots
  • Teaching language : French
  • Teaching method : En présence
  • Code : N8EN20C


General awareness regarding systems and network cybersecurity concerns.


Cybersecurity is a broad topic which covers a large amount of scientific domains. In terms of threat model and forensic experience, the attacker is using anytime the weakest point of attack surface to defeat the system defenses. Therefore, we propose to cover in this class a wide number of security concerns in order to teach the essential level of knowledge required to avoid most of modern systems and network vulnerabilities.


Targeted general skills and essential background :

  • Being able to deploy, develop or configure systems and networks with the required security level.
  • Understand the purpose of intrusion tolerant network architectures.
  • Understand and use basic coding rules in order to avoid most common software vulnerabilities.
  • Understand the purpose of main cryptographic primitives, their security model and the limitations in which they have been designed.


Targeted skills

Implement common network security architectures thanks to linux + netfilter and iptables.

Configure a confidential and authenticated network link thanks to IPSec + IKE and linux setkeys + racoon.

Develop a baremetal shellcode for modern GNU/linux applications.


  • C and assembly programming
  • TCP/IP stack and Ethernet datalink
  • Complexity, arithmetics and algebra basics

Session 1 ou session unique - Contrôle des connaissances

CT (contrôle terminal) Oral/Ecrit100%Examen Sécurité

Session 2 - Contrôle des connaissances

CT (contrôle terminal) Oral/Ecrit100%Examen Sécurité


The National Institute of Electrical engineering, Electronics, Computer science,Fluid mechanics & Telecommunications and Networks

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