Decentralized and embedded electrical networks

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    In brief

  • Teaching language : French
  • Teaching method : En présence
  • Code : NEGE2E


  • Know the characteristic criteria (security, stability ...) of an embedded or decentralized electrical network compared to a conventional distribution network.
  • Understand the main elements (storage ...) used in the design of such a network.
  • Propose different network architectures in relation to a given specification.
  • Be able to read a complete electrical diagram of a photovoltaic installation by being able to identify the various devices necessary as well as their function and sizing.


1. Security and reliability

  •  Related concepts (fault isolation, reconfiguration, backup network, ...)
  • Example of an aeronautical network


2. Mission Profile to be completed

  • Interest of sources hybridization to optimize their use
  • Using the Ragone plan in sizing storage units

3. Quality (AC and DC networks)

  • Definition of quality standards (current, voltage)
  • Quality Improvement Solutions

4. Stability (AC and DC networks)

  • Architecture and operation of AC power grids
  • Principles of frequency and voltage settings on networks (primary, secondary adjusments)
  • Power limitation of transportation lines
  • Instability related to filter - regulated system interactions

5. EMC issues

  • Coupling types
  • Disturbance measurements and means of protection
  • EMC issues for power grids
  • Problems associated with indirect lightning strike

6. Study of PV installations connected to the distribution network

  • Definitions of electrical switchgears and classes of protection
  • LV earth connection diagram
  • Electrical surge protection
  • Study of plant schematic examples


T. Christen et M. W. Carlen, « Theory of Ragone plots », Journal of Power Sources 91, pp. 210-216.

O. Gergaud, « Modélisation énergétique et optimisation économique d'un système de production éolien et photovoltaïque couplé au réseau et associé à un accumulateur », Thèse ENS Cachan, 2002.


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