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    In brief

  • Number of hours : 7 lectures of 1h45 and 5 exercice sessions of 1h45
  • Teaching language : Français
  • Teaching method : En présence
  • Code : N5EM01B


Understand how to define discrete and continuous random variables and the related basic tools (mathematical expectation, probability density function, cumulative distribution function, characteristic function, change of variables)


Understand how to define random vectors and how to compute marginal distributions, conditional distributions, mathematical expectations with a particular interest to the covariance and the correlation coefficient. Understand the different steps required for changes of variables for random vectors.


Understand how standard probabilistic notions simplify for random Gaussian vectors (margins and conditional distributions, affine transformations, independence). Introduce chi-square, Student and Fisher distributions.

Understand the different notions of convergence (in distribution, in probability, in the mean square sense) and the interest of the law of large numbers and the central limit theorem.



-      Definition of a probability space

-      Discrete and continuous random variables

-      Random vectors 

-      Gaussian vectors

-      Convergence and limit theorems

Targeted skills

Computation of probabilities for random variables and vectors

Properties of Gaussian vectors

Notions of convergence for sequences of random variables


  1. Athanasios Papoulis and S. Unnikrishna Pillai, Probability, Random Variable and Stochastic Processes, McGraw Hill Higher Education, 4th edition, 2002.


Probability bases (conditional probabilities, theorem of total probabilities, Bayes theorem), Calculus of integrals and series, change of variables, basic elements of linear algebra

Session 1 ou session unique - Contrôle des connaissances

CT (contrôle terminal) Oral/Ecrit100%Examen Probabilités

Session 2 - Contrôle des connaissances

CT (contrôle terminal) Oral/Ecrit100%Examen Probabilités



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