Real Time Programming

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    In brief

  • Number of hours : 10 hours lecture, 10h practical classes
  • Teaching language : French (english can be used to interact with teaching staff during practical classes)
  • Teaching method : En présence
  • Code : NDG10C


Introduction to the basic concepts and architecture of real-time kernels (notion of thread and scheduling, critical sections and synchronisation). Illustration of fixed priority based scheduling algorithms, basic principles of scheduling analysis.


This module includes a lecture (10h) and a personal work as practical classes (10h). The lecture addresses the following topics

– Introduction to basic concepts of real-time kernels (memory management, threads and scheduling, synchronisation, time management)

– Main characteristics of synchronisation mechanisms and basic primitives (critical sections, mutual exclusion, semaphores, models)

– Principles of scheduling and deadlines (fixed priority based scheduling algorithms, Rate Monotonic Scheduling, introduction to schedulability analysis and Worst Case Execution Time evaluation)

– Examples and use of real-time kernels.

The practical work is done in groups of students and focuses on the analysis and the use of real-time kernels in industrial applications.

Targeted skills

Mastering synchronisation techniques

Fixed priority based scheduling

Scheduling analysis

Using a real-time kernel and application


ENSEEIHT lecture slides presented by M. Fabre, M. Roy, M. Lauer ;

« Scheduling in Real-Time Systems », F. Cottet, J. Delacroix, C Kaiser et Z. Mammeri, Wiley Eds. (2002).

« Hard Real Time Computing Systems », G. Buttazzo, Springer Eds, 3rd edition, ISBN 9781461406754, 1997.


Operating systems principles, C / C++ programming


FABRE Jean-charles

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