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The aim of this course is to privide students ability to :

- design an optical link for communiation

- design a photodetection system

- design a light emission system with an LED or a laser diode


Fiber optic based communication systems represent the large majority of communication links worldwide in long or mid-range distances.

Beyond the channel that is the optical fibre, these systems require the use of dedicated components where the interaction between the electrons and the photon of the transmitted light is the major phenomenon.

Mastering of these interactions leads to design communications link with performances far beyond the ones of wireless or copper based communications.

The ai of this course thus is the study of the optical fibre properties, the emission components (LED and laser diodes) and the detection components (photodiodes). The global architecture of an optical communication link is given as well as the general principle of sensing using interferometric optical devices.


Fundamentals Of Photonics 2Ed,  Saleh B E A. , Wiley 2012


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