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The aim of this course is to learn the design methods and synthesis techniques for analog filters.


This course falls into seven parts :
- Analog front-end architecture : Heterodyne and super heterodyne architecures. Role and specifications of the filter in the system.
- Determinatiion of a partially known stable filter function : How can we find single or a familly of stable function of  with knowledge of  part of the electrical response (either magnitude or phase, real or imaginary parts, even or odd parts).
- Synthesis techniques to determine LC networks : Cauer, Foster and Darlington metods.
- Approximation functions : Butterworth, Tchebychev.
- Lowpass filter prototype : design method.
- Frequency transformations : bandpass-, highpass-, stopband-to-lowpass prototype transformations. LC networks transformations.
- Active filters 

Pré-requis nécessaires


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