Maths - Complex variable - Vector analysis

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Become familiar with complex variable, complex plane, complex derivative and complex integration. Master the skills to do complex integration and real function integration by using residue theorem. Become familiar with Laplace transform for continuous linear systems and Z transform for discrete linear systems.


1 .Complex Plane, complex variables and complex functions

2. Derivative of complex function. Analytic function

3. Integral of complex function.

4. Residue Theorem

5. Laplace Transform

6. Z transform


  1. Complex Variables, Robert B. Ash and W. P. Novinger, Dover Publication

  2. Schaum’s Outline of Theory and Problems of Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists, Complex Variable, Murray R. Spiegel, McGraw-Hill, 1971

  3. Cours d'Analyse (in French), S. D. Chatterji, Presse Polytechniques et Universitaires romandes

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